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Seventeen years have passed, and the wizarding world is at peace, but not for long. Can you help?
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 Archer Quinn

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Archer Quinn
Slytherin Fourth Year
Slytherin Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Archer Quinn   Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:20 pm

Archer Elijah Quinn


Name: Archer Elijah Quinn
Birthday: 12/20
Age: 14
Sexual Alignment:Pansexual
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Hometown: North Hampton
Current Residence: Hogwarts/North Hampton
Alliance: Order? Is still a student though

Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Hair Style: Swoopy
Eye Color: Red
Height:  5' 6"
Body Type: Tall and skinny
Dress Sense: cool-kid clothes
Other distinguishing features:  burn scar on right arm

smoking, being alone, sick beats, free food
people, small talk, cooking, his parents
explosive when angry, highly anti-social, trust issues
scared of showing people his eyes, is afraid of dolls and puppets, is surprisingly loyal
can rap, strong temper, good artist
not a very good cook (though good enough to barely get by), fear of dolls/puppets, anti-social

Overall Personality: Archer tends to be a loner. He is incredibly anti social out of fear of being abandoned. When someone earns his trust he's faithful to the end, but he is not keen on friendship.

Father's Name: Name: Garth Quinn | Age 42 | Occupation Unknown, possible auror | Blood Status and Species Pureblood | Living or Deceased Living
Mother's Name: Name: June Morris | Age 38 | Occupation Hooker | Blood Status and Species Muggle | Living or Deceased Living
Siblings' Names: None
Pets' Names: Name: Sprite | Age 4 | Blood Status and Species Horned Owl | Living or Deceased Living
Other Key Members: Name:  | Age  | Occupation | Blood Status and Species (if not human ) | Living or Deceased

Overall Background: Archer was born in a run down apartment in North Hampton on December 20. His wizard father, Garth walked out on him and his mother, June, when he was 2. His mother was never really home and made a living as a hooker on the streets. Archer possesses a strange trait not had by wither of his parents, he is an albino. He never really liked his appearance and always hid his red colored eyes behind a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses.
Archers relationship with his mother was strained. The day he was old enough to be away from his mother for any amount of time (basically four) he was left alone in the apartment while his mother did her job and got drunk. It didn't take Archer long to learn how to take care of himself. Soon enough he learned how to make simple meals and clean up after himself. He never really had time to be a child at all. He was too busy just trying to stay alive.

Archer was never really interested in making friends. He always chose the life of a loner. He'd occasionally humor folks who were interested in his friendship, but always simply looked out for himself. Due to the lack of involvement his parents put into him, Archer practically raised himself on his own morals. He always resented his father for abandoning him with his lost cause mother, but deep down always wanted to meet him.

Overall Family Background: Garth met June mid spring and they had a fling. He never really cared about the muggle woman. Once she had his child he left. He wanted nothing to do with the child until it was confirmed he was magic

Hogwarts Stuff
Wand: Cedar | Wand Core Dragon Heartstring| Wand Length 12 in
Belongings: his mp3 player , mirrored aviators
Uniform: plain male uniform
Anything Else?

Social Status ( OPTIONAL )
Friends: ( can be anyone )
Enemies: ( can be anyone )
Foes/Rivals: ( can be anyone )
Love Interests or Couples: ( can be anyone )

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Faye McGonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts

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PostSubject: Re: Archer Quinn   Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:08 pm

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Archer Quinn
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