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Seventeen years have passed, and the wizarding world is at peace, but not for long. Can you help?
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 Calypso Avery

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Calypso Avery
Slytherin Sixth Year
Slytherin Sixth Year
Calypso Avery

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PostSubject: Calypso Avery   Calypso Avery Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 8:28 am

Calypso Azrael Avery

Calypso Avery L_4a749b20-640d-11e2-9e0f-2ba259e00010

Name: Calypso Azrael Avery
Birthday: 14th February 1997
Age and Immortal Age if you are: 16
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Hybrid
Hometown: Olympia, Greece
Current Residence: Flat in Oxford
Alliance: Neutral, Chaotic

Hair Color: Light brown
Hair Style: Wavy, sometimes in a messy plait or bun but mainly in a ponytail.
Eye Color: One gold and the other an electric blue. (rare type of blue)
Height: 5'7
Body Type: Tall, slender, muscular. Has a six pack.
Dress Sense:Leather everything, jeans, baggy shirts mainly band shirts but at home, form fitting dresses that hold a lot of elegance.
Other distinguishing features: Multiple ear piercings and every bit of her jewelry is a weapon. Alchemical elements tattooed on her spine and a wolf in a dreamcatcher on her thigh, along with a quill on her right wrist.

Likes: Harming others, weapons, cliff diving, alchemy, blood
( minimum of 4 )
Dislikes: Idiots, people talking back to her, bad smells and people taking her things.
( minimum of 4 )
Flaws: Arrogant, very defensive, too unpredictable
( Minimum of 3 )
Quirks: Carries a large coin, rolling it over her knuckles, likes to blurt quotes, hates being touched.
( minimum of 3 )
Strengths: Her anger, her great knowledge, quick to the mark, unpredictable 
( minimum of 3 )
Weaknesses: Her anger/can be too sensitive to things, is very crazy.
( minimum of 3 )

Overall Personality:  Calypso is a free spirit, adrenaline junkie and will pick a fight just to get a thrill. She loves being out in the action as well as free running, cliff diving or just doing anything adrenaline making things. She's ventured on a few mountain climbing but they weren't as thrilling. : She can be stubborn and cheeky, traits from her father whilst being sophisticated and calm, from her mother. She has a short temper, not fearing to do what she must if someone crosses her. She's incredibly possessive, protective and loyal till the end. If her loved ones were being attacked, she'd step first and fight till the death if she must. She's caring and understanding but prefers creatures to people. Thanks to her Uncle, Apollo from whom she learned about fighting, weaponry and was taught different languages (Xenoglossy). She simply is an assassin for hire due to her love for blood and thrills. She's an incredible hacker as well.

Father's Name: Poseidon Avery | 36/20,000 | Master Assassin| Pureblood- Vampire | Living
Mother's Name: Athena Avery Nee Calor | 35 | N/A | Pureblood-Werewolf | Living 
Siblings' Names: Caspian Avery (twin) | 16 | Student | Pureblood- Hybrid | Living 
Nereus Avery | 19 | Assassin | Pureblood/Hybrid | Living
Triton Avery | 14 | Student | Pureblood/Hybrid | Living
Proteus Avery | 15 | Student | Pureblood/Hybrid | Living
Enipeus Avery | 20 | Student | Pureblood/Hybrid | Living
Pets' Names: Visenya | 3 | Wolf dog | Living 
Artemis | 2 | Eagle Owl | Living
Other Key Members: Apollo Avery | 36,20,000 | Master Assassin | Vampire) | Living 

Overall Background: Calypso was born the only female amongst her army of brothers but she loved that. They were protective over her despite her ability to care for herself. They were mischievous little kids, bringing life into the family and they were spoiled endlessly. They were trained from the moment they could walk to be as powerful and as strong as possible. Calypso is the second strongest, Enipeus having always been able to beat her. They trained day and night, only breaking to get lessons from their mother. By the age of 11, Calypso knew every language and had read every book in the Bodliean library in oxford. She then got her letter for Hogwarts with Caspian, immediately rushing to the school to get more knowledge into her brain. At first, she adored Hogwarts but she missed her other brothers who were to focused on making other friends so she hid away, trained harder and was happy that way.
But of course, there is bound to be a little darkness in this world of love and happiness and it came in the form of a handsome, arrogant man named Ivan. Calypso never paid any guy much attention apart from her brothers but for some reason, Ivan had gotten her rare, greatly wanted attention. They dated for two years and at first, like any relationship, it was fantastic. He treated her like a princess but still like a best friend and that's what she had always wanted. People to know that she was still a woman but a woman who could beat their asses. Then after six months in, he turned and began to get violent. He beat her when he got the chance but she couldn't fight him off due to him using magic to keep her tied. He beat her until she bled like crazy but she never screamed, never in that year and a half, did she scream. He raped her occasionally or made his friend Victor rape her, watching them but he'd beat her for doing it despite being forced and unable to move. One day during training alone, finally having the chance away from everyone, Ivan found her and beat her silly, fumbling with his belt buckle when the people she had been avoiding for a year and a half stormed in to see her almost bleeding to death, nearly completely naked with scars and bruises covering her entire body. They beat him up, Caspian looked after her whilst they did so even though he was shaking in anger. She was unconscious at this point. She was in a coma for a week and Caspian never left. Her brothers felt terrible for abandoning their sister and upped the protectiveness, never leaving her side and making sure one of them slept in the same room as well

Overall Family Background: The Avery family is an old, assassin pureblood family and they never abandon each other, apart from that one incident. They go through thick and thin and have fought in many battles. They're a hidden family, preferring to stay together than separate. The Avery family are also Royalty in Greece and Calypso is the princess but they keep their title on the down low.

Your Creature Side
How did you become a creature: She was born this way as her parents are a vampire and a werewolf. Her father was magically created and her mother was born a royal werewolf of Greece.
Genetic or Turned or Magical Purposes: Genetic
How are you in your creature form: Aggressive, violent. Uncontrollable.
What do you look like in your creature form: She is larger than an ordinary wolf or werewolf with her mismatch eyes still remaining. Her fur is a pitch black with a white stripe on her throat.
Abilities and Powers: Super strength, super speed, super agility, super durability, enhanced healing factor, immortality, emotional control, enhanced emotions, Shape shifting/transformation control, lycanthrope enhancement- can tap into their werewolf side, day time walking, procreation, immunity to silver, sire bond, telepathy (only in wolf form)

Hogwarts Belongings
Wand: Willow | DragonHeart string | 10"
Belongings: Multiple daggers, bow and arrow, alchemy and ancient rune books in different languages.
Uniform: A leather skirt, loose white shirt and loose tie, black combat boots with stockings.
Anything Else? 

Social Status ( OPTIONAL )
Friends: No
Enemies: Ivan (ex boyfriend), dislikes everyone that isn't her family
Foes/Rivals: No
Love Interests or Couples: No

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Faye McGonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Faye McGonagall

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PostSubject: Re: Calypso Avery   Calypso Avery Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 11:26 am

Accepted !
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Calypso Avery
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