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Seventeen years have passed, and the wizarding world is at peace, but not for long. Can you help?
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 Jessica Cruz

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Jessica Cruz
Ravenclaw Sixth Year
Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Jessica Cruz   Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:14 am

Jessica Amy Cruz

Name: Jessica Amy Cruz
Birthday: 12th, March, year )
Age: 16
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Edingburg
Current Residence: London
Alliance: Order

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Curly and loose
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 167cm
Body Type: Slim
Dress Sense: Jeans, shirts, jackest and flats. She can wear dresses and skirts only at parties or such events what need them.
Other distinguishing features: She has her both ears pierced once.

Cats, Strawberries, playing guitar, read books
spiders, heights, crying in public, Dogs
( Minimum of 3 )
biting nails, tabbing her leg when nervous, playing with her hair sometimes.
Loyalty, Playing guitar, Charms, Potions.
Dark places, Cute boys, cats, DADA.

Overall Personality: She is friendly and kind girl, who will help anyone who needs help. So you can say she is very helpful one. She is quite smart one for her age and she likes to read a lot. She can even tutor people when they need it, she won't say no if people ask from her help on homework. She isn't really the bravest girl in the word, she is afraid of heights. She is quite cheerful one always, likes to smile even when she is actually sad. She cries when she is alone or anyone can't see it.

Father's Name: James Cruz | 40 | Lawyer |Halfblood | Living
Mother's Name: Amanda Cruz | 39 | Housewife | Halfblood | Living
Siblings' Names: Angelicia Cruz | 19 | Auror | Halfblood | Living
Carlos Cruz | 13 | Hogwarts Student | Halfblood | Living
Pets' Names: Missy | 2 | A cat | Living

Overall Background: essica was born as second child in her family. She didn't get very well along with her older sister, they did fight much since they were just so different on personalities. Jess was into books and did spend her time at home but Angel couldn't never be home for many hours, she needed to talk with people all the time but Jess found it annoying when she tried to read book. There was many other reasons. When brother was born then with him Jess got along a little bit better, they didn't have much in common but he did understand that Jessica needed her own privacy too when he was old enough to understand it. Her other way was good. Parents loved all their kids equally and made all of them to be happy. They gave them everything they needed.

Jessica had to attend to Muggle School since her family lived in muggle London. When she was 11 she got letter from Hogwarts. That's when she told to most of her friends who she knew were muggles that she will have to go to Boarding School where it would be hard to keep contact with her since phones aren't really allowed there. They didn't mind it but were glad that they can see Jessica at least at Holidays. So ever since then Jessica have went to Hogwarts. She have always kept her grades up and done everything to be good student. Also have helped other people study and also hanged out with friends who she have made in past 5 years.

Overall Family Background: Cruz family has been already for long time just a halfblood. There was very long time ago pureblood heir too probably but noone can't really remember his or her name. They don't know much about their history. They just know that their bloodline started somewhere in France but now most of them live in England. They try to keep contact with ever Cruz who is out there at the moment. There isn't that much left since basically all families have more girls than boys. Girls usually take their husbands last name.

Hogwarts Stuff
Wand: Marple, Unicorn tail, 11 and half inches.
Belongings: broomstick, and few of her favorite books.
Uniform: She just wears black jeans instead of black skirt, everything else she have left so far the same. She has nothing against the shirt, tie and jacket what she needs to wear.
Anything Else? n/a

Social Status ( OPTIONAL )
Friends: There is probably some friends.
Enemies: There is them too.
Foes/Rivals: Probably yeah.
Love Interests or Couples: so far none.
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Faye McGonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts

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PostSubject: Re: Jessica Cruz   Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:27 am

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Jessica Cruz
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