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Seventeen years have passed, and the wizarding world is at peace, but not for long. Can you help?
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 Lucas Blackwell

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Lucas Blackwell
Hufflepuff Third Year
Hufflepuff Third Year

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PostSubject: Lucas Blackwell   Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:35 pm

Lucas Augustus Blackwell

Name: Lucas Augustus Blackwell
Birthday: January 10, 2002
Age: 13
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: London, England
Current Residence: London, England
Alliance: Order

Hair Color: Light Blonde
Hair Style: Messy and kept neat
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5.9
Body Type: Slim
Dress Sense: He dresses rather surfer, and hipster.
Other distinguishing features:

- Books
- Friends
- Being Good
- Being Friendly

- Purists
- Death Eaters
- Dark Magic
- Cruel
- Too charming and smart
- Is way to cute
- Talkative
- Can be annoying
- Good
- Loyal
Too Smart

Overall Personality: Lucas is overall a kind and caring guy who would do anything for you. He is also very intelligent and is too smart for his age which leads him to being honest and being hardworking, and having a good heart.

He is not all about being the leader, and sometimes he is just find with being the follower, and looking to someone else for guidance. Even though he is smart and could probably get them out of it.

Lucas also is a good friend who would never leave his friends sides.

Father's Name: Alexander Colin Blackwell /43/ ( Healer ) Pureblood ( Former Ravenclaw ) Living
Mother's Name: Claire Rose Blackwell (nee Hayes ) /43/ ( Healer ) Pureblood ( Former Hufflepuff ) Living
Siblings' Names:
Nicholas Colin Blackwell /19/ ( Auror-in-training ) ( Former Gryffindor ) Pureblood Living
Harrison Arthur Blackwell /16/ ( Student ) Pureblood Living
Pets' Names:
Casey ( Aegan Cat ) /2/ ( Lucas Best Friend ) Living
Other Key Members:

Overall Background: Lucas grew up being the youngest, and he had been probably the most kindest of his three brothers, and also the weirdest who was smart and loved being your friend. Ever since he was younger his parents had thought he would be diffferent from his older brothers.

Which was true since he held the spot of being the most intelligent, and most good looking well that went to his brothers, but he was charming as well. As he got older and he attended Hogwarts he had even flourished in his studies.

Which made him be different from his brothers.

Overall Family Background: The Blackwell Family are really just your average family. Caring about their children and wantting to be sure they were safe. Which meant they had despised the death eaters, and wanted to assure safetly for their three boys.

Which meant they had gotten jobs as healers, and had moved in seclusion in London to raise their three boys. Which had also helped them be happy.

Hogwarts Stuff
Wand: Apple, Unicorn Tail Hair, 10 inches
Two Books on Herbology
His cat
Also a picture of his family.
Wisdom Potions
Uniform: Plain
Anything Else? Nope

Social Status ( OPTIONAL )
Friends: ( can be anyone )
Enemies: ( can be anyone )
Foes/Rivals: ( can be anyone )
Love Interests or Couples: ( can be anyone )
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Faye McGonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts

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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Blackwell   Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:40 pm

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Lucas Blackwell
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